Giving advice activites to practise other language (TEFLtastic classics Part 27)

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Just put up a new worksheet using this, one of my favourite ideas for practising tricky points which are different to think of other practice for, such as:

– collocations with words like “get” and “take”

– phrasal verbs

– word formation

– vocabulary on topics like health and love

It can also be used to practise grammar such as comparatives and articles.

You simply make some sentences describing problems like “I don’t get on with my eldest sister” and ask pairs of students to ask for, give and react to advice on how to solve those problems. Students can then make up similar problems to ask their partner’s for advice for. This activity is it a bit like making conversation questions with the language you want to practise, but I feel this makes the language more memorable – and it’s a nice break from students saying “I think…” at the start of every sentence… If your students also actually need the language of advice, all the better!

Here are some I prepared earlier:

Photocopiable classroom materials using advice/ recommendations to practise other language

Verbs with back problems and solutions – NEW

Advice and recommendations future time expressions practice

Travel and tourism recommendations numbers practice

Recommendations and embedded questions

Recommendations with movie vocabulary

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations

Clothes and appearance recommendations

Solutions to countable and uncountable problems

Language of trends and advice practice

HR vocabulary problems and solutions

Expressions with make and do giving advice speaking practice

Recommending arts and media (with lot of useful art and media language)

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Recommendations with superlatives

Giving advice on personality problems

Love and marriage stories and advice (my lesson share winning LP and worksheet on Onestopenglish)

Relationships Advice and proverbs

Giving advice Vocabulary revision game

If I were you phrasal verbs Advice game

Language learning advice modal verbs practice

Advice on language learning problems (polished up version – good for learner training too)

Recommending countries to visit Version 1 (with tricky names of countries and cities)

Recommending countries to visit Version 2  (ditto)

Recommending places to visit Advanced version (with useful vocabulary for describing different kinds of people, vocab for describing places, and tricky country and city names)

Business English advice guessing game (including collocations with make and do)

HR vocabulary advice practice

Give advice using the presentations vocabulary

Advice for foreign travellers (zero conditional with imperative and modals)

Advice for parents (zero conditional with imperative and modals)

Third conditional and past modals advice

For 26 other teaching ideas worth using over and over again, see here:

TEFLtastic Classics Part 1 to 26

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