English job applications cover letter ranking

Rank these things by how important they are to include in a job application cover letter
A summary of the information in your CV

When you can come for interview

How you are most easily contactable

Extra information that is not in your CV

The fact that your CV is enclosed/ attached

How you heard about the job

Why you especially want that job

Why you are particularly suitable for that job

A reference number for the job being applied for

Your postal address

Their postal address

The name of the relevant person

Exactly which job you are applying for

How you first heard about that company

Any contacts you have in that company
How can you organize the information above into 3 to 5 paragraphs?

What do you need to add to the beginning and end to make a complete letter?

Look at the examples and check your answers. Which example do you think is best?


PDF version for easy printing: CoverLetterRanking

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