This that these those Pictionary

English Land 2 Unit 8

Choose one of the cards below or take a card from the cut up pack of cards that your teacher has prepared and draw the whole sentence, including “this” or “these” by drawing it or them very big at the front of the picture and “that” and “those” by drawing it or them very small at the back of the picture. 


This is a hat



Those are hats



That is a dress



These are dresses



This is a coat



These are coats



These are shoes



Those are shoes



This is a T-shirt



These are T-shirts



That is a sweater



Those are sweater



That is a skirt



This is a door



Those are beds



These are eggs



Those are eggs



This is a puzzle



That is a spaceship



Those are robots



These are monsters



This is a hippo



These are giraffes



This is a rhino



This is a nose



These are eyes



That is an ear



Unit 8 vocabulary


These are rings



This is a watch



This is a necklace



These are brushes



Those are keys



These are gloves



Those are gloves



These are glasses



Those are glasses



That is a watch



That is a necklace



That is a brush



These are umbrellas



This is an umbrella



These are hair clips



This is a glove



PDF for easy saving and printing: this that these those pictionary

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