Academic vocabulary random pelmanism


 migrate  mediator  minimal  maximise 
 objective  norms  odds  carbon offsetting 
 simulation   outcome  parameter  phenomenon
 precede  predominant   preliminary  presumably 
 prior  prohibit   ratio  irrational 
 refine  regime   accessible  accommodate
 accumulate   acquire  commence  commitment
 commodities  compatible   compensation  compilation
 compatible   reliable  emit  undergo
 retain   variation  violation  impair
 visible  virtually   standstill  markedly
 insignificant   reside  reliable  reinforce
 reactivate   pursue  protocol  presume
 potentially   participate     


Try to find pairs of words above that are connected in some way and then cross them off. You have to use a different reasons each time, and all of them must be connected to meaning rather than spelling, number of letters etc.


 Useful language- saying things are the same or similarThese are both kinds of…They are similar in several ways, for example that…

They are both…

They are both examples of…

The greatest similarity/ One similarity between these two words is that…

Both can be classified as…

Their… could be said to be the same



PDF for easy saving and printing: Academic vocab random pelmanism

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