FCE Speaking Part One on food

FCE Result Unit 8

Student A

1. Are there any foods which you enjoy but try to avoid? (Why do you try not to eat those things?)

2. Do you enjoy cooking? (What do you like/ dislike about it?)

3. How did you learn how to cook? Was that the best way?

4. Do you like trying unusual food? (Can you give me an example of something unusual that you’ve tried?)

5. How often do you eat fast food? (Do you think that is okay?)

6. What are your favourite and least favourite foods? (Do most people your age who you know feel that way?)

7. If you could open your own restaurant, what would it be like? (Do you know anywhere that is really like that?)

8. Would you say that you are a fussy eater? (Why would you say that?)

9. Do you usually read the ingredients when shopping for food? (Why/ Why not?)

10. Are any foods from your country popular abroad? (What do foreign people like about that food, do you think?)

11. Can you remember any particularly unsuccessful attempts to cook something? (Why did it go wrong?)

12. Have you tried any unusual foods recently? (What was unusual about it?)

13. How often do you buy organic food? (Why not more often?)

14. Is there any particular local food in the place where you are from? (What is it like?)

FCE Speaking Part One on food

Student B

15. Are there any foods you can’t eat? (Is it difficult to avoid them?)

16. Do you ever skip meals? (Why?)

17. Do you prefer to cook or eat out? (What do you like about that?)

18. How do you feel about packaged food? (Why do you feel that way?)

19. What are you planning to eat tonight? (Why that?)

20. Would you say that you have a healthy diet? (What makes you say that?)

21. What is your opinion of organic food? (Why do you feel that way?)

22. What kinds of restaurants do people your age in your country usually go to? (Is that different from your parents’ generation?)

23. Are there any foods in your country which foreigners usually dislike? (Why do you think they feel that way?)

24. Have you ever complained in a restaurant? (Why?/ Why not?)

25. How important is breakfast to you? (Do most people you know also feel that way?)

26. How often do you have food delivered to your house? (Why not more often?)

27. Do you think you would enjoy running your own restaurant? (Why/ Why not?)

FCE Speaking Part One on food

Student C

28. Are there any foods you particularly dislike? (Do many other people feel that way?)

29. Do you have a sweet tooth? (What kind of sweet foods do you like?)

30. Do you usually buy your food from supermarkets or smaller shops? (How do you make that decision?)

31. How often do you cook? (Would you do so more/ less often if you could?)

32. Would you say that you are a good cook? (Why/ Why not?)

33. Is there any kind of food that you think you should cut down on? (Do you think you will?)

34. What do you usually eat for lunch? (Why that?)

35. What kinds of restaurants do you like? (What’s the most important factor in your choice?)

36. Are there any foods which particularly remind you of your childhood? (Why that food?/ Why not?)

37. Are you trying to cut down on any kinds of food at the moment? (How successful has that been?)

38. Did your parents force you to eat anything when you were younger? (How do you feel about that food now?)

39. Have you ever tried going on a diet? (How successful was it?)

40. Is there a chain of restaurants which you like? (What is good about it?)

FCE Speaking Part One on food

Student D

41. What kind of food do you like? (Do your family have similar tastes?)

42. Are there many good restaurants near where you live? (Which one would you most recommend?)

43. Do you like a particular kind of foreign food? (What do you like about it?)

44. Have your tastes in food changed since you were a child? (How?/ Is that unusual?)

45. How often do you eat out? (Would you like to do so more often?)

46. What dish do you most enjoy cooking? (Why do you like making that one?)

47. What do you usually eat for breakfast? (Why that?)

48. What kinds of food do you think you should eat more of? (Why?)

49. When did you last eat out? (How did you choose that place?)

50. Are you allergic to any foods? (Is that common in your country?)

51. Are there any dishes which you would like to learn to cook? (Do you think it will be difficult?)

52. What is usually the main meal of the day for you? (Is that normal in your country?)

53. Can you remember any particularly special meals? (What would you choose for a special meal if you had one in the future?)

54. Would you like to be able to cook for a living? (Why?/ Why not?)


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part One on food

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