Landmark Advanced Units 7 and 14 Presentations game

The aim of the game is for the person whose turn it is to speak as long as possible, so time them from when they first start speaking about the topic. The other people in the group should help them with that by making encouraging noises and asking follow up questions, but they shouldn’t interrupt or ask long questions as the total number of points is the number of minutes they speak minus the amount of time others are speaking and the times when they are silent.


1. What young people want from their working lives


2. The perfect job


3. Your future working life


4. Time management


5. Euphemisms


6. Colloquial English


7. Common sense


8. The so-called staring effect


9. The sixth sense


10. Women’s intuition


11. Déjà vu


12. Phrasal verbs


13. Vague language


PDF version for easy printing – LandmarkAdvancedPresentations

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