Customer service comparisons and discussion

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 6

Do you agree with the sentences you were given about different kinds of business writing?

Can you make any other similar sentences comparing different kinds of business writing?

Try to make true sentences about internet use in your country comparing the following things:

 Different age groups

 Email and search

 Women and men

 Accessing the internet from work and home

 Top reasons for not using the internet more

 Online sales of travel and media

Listen to tapescript 30 and compare what they say with your sentences.

Do the same on the topic of customer service when shopping online, including these sub-topics:

 Ease of contacting online retailers

 Getting a reply

 Returns policy (comparing past, present and future)

Listen to tapescript 29 and check (NB. This time the adjectives aren’t always in the recording)


Do you prefer shopping online or in shops? If it depends, what does it depend on?

How important is the customer service experience to you?

What are the six rules for good customer service?


PDF version for easy printing: Customer_service_making_comparisons

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