Positive and negative connotations games/ worksheets

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Updated 8 June 2022

Teaching connotations articles

How to teach positive and negative connotations – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable positive and negative connotation classroom activities

Positive and negative language for reviews

Positive and negative business vocabulary storytelling game

Quoting sources positive and negative connotations

Being positive and negative about foreign food

Positive and negative words for architecture

Positive and negative words in First Certificate Listening

Positive and negative words connected to food and dining

Academic Word List positive and negative connotations

Analyse the Harry Potter reviews

Academic discussions giving positive and negative feedback

Trends and comparing and contrasting (including a little positive and negative connotations)

Recommending arts and media (with positive and negative words about arts and media)

Renovating a hotel (with negative language for describing before and positive language for describing after)

Positive and negative words about education

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