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I’ve only had the one book published (and self-published one myself), but I have reviewed hundreds of books (before commisioning, in pre-publication checking and after publication), wrote a lot for the Macmillan website, and had contacts in most of the big and medium sized EFL publishers due to my Reviews Editor role. More important than that, as I’ve decided that working for the big publishers is probably not something I want to do again, you can trust me to give you tips that other writers might want to keep for themselves! If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 27 March 2022

Index pages in this section

Publishing TEFL reviews articles/ advice page

General articles on getting published in ELT

30 ways to get ahead in ELT publishing

Getting published in TEFL – why, what, where and how

Getting writing work from publishers

Getting published in TEFL Part One- Choosing a route

Career paths in ELT publishing Part Two- The workshops man

Career paths in ELT publishing Part One- The articles man

Articles on writing ELT articles

How to write and publish TEFL articles

70 easy articles that every TEFLer could write at least one of

35 reasons to write TEFL articles

Easy ways to write a TEFL workshop and/ or article

Spread your knowledge Part VII – guest post on Burcu Akyol’s blog

Articles on writing ELT books

How the future of textbooks has to be

Blog posts on writing ELT blog posts

101 easy TEFL blog posts

Lists of useful ELT publishing links

Places to publish TEFL articles links

Places to publish TEFL guest blog posts

Applying to write for ELT publishers links

Complete list of ELT publishers

ELT publishing blog posts

TEFLtastic blog ELT publishing category page

2 Responses to Getting published in ELT articles/ links

  1. ELTer says:

    Dear Alex,

    Thank you for the useful links and helpful ideas, I really like your blog!

    Was wondering if you’ve got any tips on how to write a journal article (formal and publishable) based on an informal interactive workshop. I can’t find anything anywhere online, and never read an article based on a workshop I had attended, so I’m not sure what to look out for as I’m writing, what to keep in mind, and how to link the two different media of workshop and journal article together, by giving the practical ideas shared a more academic backing. Do you have any advice or references to other links, perhaps?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. alexcase says:

    If you mean an academic, peer reviewed journal (the kind you’d need lots of references in), I’m afraid I’ve only ever published reviews in them, never articles/ papers. If you mean an article in a more practical ELT magazine like EtP, I have actually linked a workshop and article together a few times. My basic tactic is to start with a big mind map of all the things that could go in both the workshop and the article on the topic (e.g. everything you could possibly mention about “Teaching FCE”), and to add any extra ideas that come up in the workshop to the mind map before I write the article.

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