Lying roleplays

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 10 


Try to sell your partner a phone with a built-in lie detector




Try to persuade your partner to wear a lie detector during their job interview




The lie detector says that you are lying. Try to convince them that they should ignore its results



Ask your partner some questions and tell them that the lie detector says every single answer is a lie




Don’t believe any of your partner’s stories about where they were last night




Tell tales on your brother or sister and try to make sure that your parents punish them



Try to convince your husband or wife that lying about your whereabouts last night was just an innocent white lie



You are sure that the person trying to sell you Encyclopaedia Britannica is a con man. Don’t believe anything they say



Your father or mother comes in to the kitchen to find you and an empty plate of biscuits. Try to get away with eating them.



Your wife/ husband has been complaining about you. Try to convince your friend that none of the complaints are true



Try to convince your partner that you’ve seen a unicorn



 The last two are associated with a short story that you are going to listen to. What do you think the story could be?

Look at the words on page 98 to help you guess the story. Have you changed your mind about what it could be?


PDF version for easy printing: Lying roleplays

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