Travel problems Going to Elementary

Together with your partner, agree on one best way of coping with each of the following problems. When you have agreed a solution, write it under the problem with “We’re going to…”

1. It’s only the first day of your beach holiday, but you both have sunburn and/ or sunstroke.

2. One of you has been bitten or stung by a jellyfish, spider, scorpion or snake.

3. You have both missed the last train back to your hotel

4. You are both drifting out to sea on an airbed

5. Your car breaks down in the middle of the Outback in Australia

6. You are planning to hike together in the mountains but the weather forecast isn’t good.

7. You have both come back to your youth hostel after the curfew (= late) so the main door is locked and you can’t get it.

8. You aren’t sure if the tap water is safe to drink.

9. You want to buy duty free goods in the departure lounge, but your mother isn’t there and she has your passport.

10. You lose your boarding pass between the check in desk (= check in counter) and passport control

11. Your check in luggage is overweight

12. Just before you go through the security check, you realise that you have a lighter, matches, scissors or nail clippers in your hand luggage (= carry on luggage)

13. You haven’t booked a hotel in America, but the immigration officer asks you where you are going to be staying

14. You are 10 minutes’ walk from your gate when you hear the final call announcement for your flight

15. You can’t sleep on the plane because your neighbour has a loud walkman and has the reading light on

16. Your hand luggage is too heavy for you to lift into the overhead lockers.

17. You open your check in luggage in the airport to take your passport, ticket and guidebook out, but you packed it so tightly that you can’t close (= shut) it again

18. You’re trying to talk to someone using a phrasebook, but they still can’t understand what you are saying

19. You only have travellers’ cheques and your hotel doesn’t accept them

Change groups and tell your new partner what you are going to do to solve one of the problems “We are going to…”/ “We are planning to…” Can your partner guess which of the problems that is a solution for? Do they agree that it is a good idea?

Choose one of your best ideas and tell the whole class. Does everyone agree that it is the best solution?

Underline all the words and expressions above connected to travel and tourism

Set your partner or another team other problem situations connected to travel and see if they can come up with solutions.

Roleplay some conversations associated with your solutions to the problems above, e.g. telling the doctor what you have been bitten by and getting his or her reply.


PDF version for easy printing: GoingToTravelProbsElem

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