FCE Speaking Part One on the topic of making a difference

FCE Result Unit 12

Ask each other the questions below in an exam format, mixing up:

– Who you ask first each time

– If you ask the second person the same or a different question

– How you ask the second person to answer the question (asking the question again and/ or saying “How about you?” etc)

 Are any of your friends particularly interested in environmental issues?

 Are you interested in green issues?

 Do any of your friends volunteer or do fundraising for a charity?

 Do you do anything to live a greener lifestyle?

 Do you have a green lifestyle, would you say?

 Do you have any energy saving techniques?

 Do you have the same ideas about charitable donations as your parents?

 Do you like the work of any particular charities?

 Do you like to read about environmental topics?

 Do you plan to buy any green products?

 Do you prefer to give money to charities or volunteer yourself?

 Do you spend a lot of time helping other people?

 Do you use any things which are not good for the environment?

 Do you usually recycle?

 How political are you?

 How do you usually hear about poorer countries?

 Is there anything that you would really like to volunteer to do in the future?

 Tell us about the last time you did something for your local community.

 Were you interested in animal welfare when you were younger?

 What sort of charities do you support?

 What things in the world upset or worried you when you were a child?

 Would you describe yourself as environmentally conscious?

 Would you prefer to help poor people abroad or in your own country?

 Would you say that you are well informed about the developing world?


Underline parts of the questions above which could be used to make other questions about other FCE topics.


Use those underlined parts to make questions about other typical FCE Speaking Part One topics:

– Arts and media

– Daily routines

– Education or work

– Food and drink

– Friends and family

– Health and fitness

– Other languages

– Places (home, hometown etc)

– Technology

– Transport and travel


PDF version for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part One on the topic of making a difference

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