Present Simple and Continuous guess the person

Choose one of the people below and say what they are probably doing now and some information about their habits and routines, until your partner guesses who it is. Possible topics:
clothes, feelings, actions, eating and drinking, sitting or standing in particular places, thinking about, playing

Your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner                       Your father, mother or guardian

A neighbour, housemate, flatmate or roommate                                One of your in-laws

An elder sister or brother                                                                             An younger sister or brother

A niece or nephew                                                                                            A local bin man

A shop assistant in a shop you often go to                                             A local shopkeeper

A waiter or waitress in a restaurant you often go to                          A famous cook or one you know

The local postman                                                                                            A grandparent

A great grandparent                                                                                        A colleague or classmate

Your line manager/ boss                                                                              Your favourite film star (= actor/ actress)

Your favourite singer                                                                                    A politician

A television or radio newsreader                                                             A famous artist

Your doctor                                                                                                       A local bus driver

A present or former university lecturer/ professor                        A former teacher

A manual worker (e.g. a builder)                                                              A sportsman (= a footballer)

A housewife you know                                                                                  A university student you know

Someone you know with an officer job (e.g. a bank manager, a receptionist or a secretary)

A police officer                                                                                     A musician

A lawyer                                                                                                  A pilot

A security guard in a building you often enter or pass

Change groups. Choose one of the same again and this time work together and compare true sentences about that person (probably different people for each of you, but the same kind of person) and see what the similarities and differences are.

Do the same, but this time trying to find similarities.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Present Simple Continuous guess the person

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