Switch Off your Mind and Become a Genius text Discussion questions

FCE Result Unit 10

Exam tactics

What tactics did you use to do the putting sentences into the text task? What other tactics could you have used?

What words would be most useful to underline to complete this task?

What can you do to double check your answers?             

Content of the text

Were you surprised by anything in the text (for example, how few savants there are or what they can do)?

Do you believe “we are all potential geniuses”?

Have you changed your mind about any of the contrasts below?

Your present mental abilities/ Your potential mental abilities

Geniuses/ Normal people

Childhood prodigies/ Normal people

Artistic people/ Normal people

Very successful people/ Normal people

Very efficient people/ Normal people

Bilingual people/ Normal people

Multilingual people/ Normal people

People who easily pick up languages/ Normal people

People with good memories/ People with photographic memories/ Normal people

Autistic people/ Normal people

“Otaku”/ Normal people

“Hikikomori”/ “Normal people”

Musical people/ Normal people

Children learning/ Adults learning

Absent minded people/ Normal people

People with phobias/ Normal people

People who lack communication skills or social skills/ Normal people

Our brains when we are sleeping/ Our brains when we are awake

Your brain at different times of day

Your brain doing different things

The best ways of learning different things


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Switch Off your Mind and Become a Genius text Discussion questions

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