The Trouble with Mr Bean (False friends and common errors)

A: Check you understand the differences between these words/ phrases. If not, check in your dictionary.

Interested/ interesting

A career/ a course / a year/ a degree

To assist/ to attend

Sensible/ sensitive

To support s/t / not to be able to stand s/t

Shocked/ impressed

To chase/ persecute

To stop doing/ to stop to do

Steam/ smoke

To wake up/ to get up

Classic music/ classical music

To pick up/ to catch

to take/ to hold

Busy/ occupied

A brick/ a stone

To sting/ to bite

To push/ to press

To pour/ to spill

To take a chair/ to take a seat

To ask someone to/ to ask someone if

To shut / to lock

Missing/ lost

To drown/ to suffocate

Slippers / trainers

A gate/ a door

To rob/ to steal

A clock/ a watch

A pushchair/ a wheelchair

To have been to/ to have gone to

To win/ to beat

B: As you watch the film, if you think you see that one of the sentences on the next page is true shout out the number. You will get one point each time you are correct but lose one point each time you are wrong.

1. He puts the clock into the glass of water.

2. He is woken up by some steam.

3. Mr Bean’s method of waking up properly isn’t very sensible.

4. Mr Bean suddenly remembers going to the dentist.

5. Mr Bean is wearing slippers when he leaves the house.

6. He catches a brick outside his house.

7. Mr Bean gets onto his car.

8. Mr Bean drives using his foot.

9. There is a sign on the dentist’s door.

10. Mr Bean has been to the dentist.

11. Mr Bean pours water onto the boy.

12. The dentist asks Mr Bean to sit down.

13. He plays some classical music.

14. Mr Bean hurts something.

15. The dentist seems very impressed.

16. He locks his car door.

17. He pushes his car into the parking space.

18. The boy is taking a remote control.

19. Mr Bean moves the wheelchair.

20. A man tries to rob something.

21. Mr Bean’s steering wheel is missing.

22. Something tries to sting Mr Bean.

23. Mr Bean tries to suffocate the animal.

24. Something (s) chase Mr Bean.

25. Mr Bean wins the animal.


PDF for easy saving and printing: TroubleWithBeanErrors

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