Gapped emails prepositions practice

Read through the emails, ignoring the gaps. Who is each person writing to- a colleague, a customer, a supplier etc?

1. Dear Mr. Artaud

I’m arriving ______ Lyon _______ 1 pm _______ Tuesday. Could you send me directions _______ your factory and recommend a nearby hotel?

Thank you,

2. Hi Alex

We have two urgent orders and one ______ our machining centres has broken down. Could you do some machining work ________ us? We’d really appreciate it.

3. Dear Mr. Souza

We had a fire ______ our warehouse ___________ yesterday and it destroyed the last shipment of covers you sent us. We need another shipment immediately. How soon can you send them?

Many thanks,

4. Hello Tom

Please give the attached order top priority. The sales department promised delivery ______ March 25th.


5. Ted,

Thank you _____ fixing the air vents _____ the meeting room. Now the air conditioning system ________ the lab isn’t working. Can you come and look ______ it as soon _____ possible?


Fill the missing gaps with prepositions (at, on, no preposition etc.)

Read through one more time. Which emails are urgent?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Emailing prepositions practice

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