FCE Use of English Part Two speculating practice

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part Two open cloze for the language of speculating

Put one word into each of the gaps below.

He ___________________________________________ come soon, I’ll die if he doesn’t!


I asked him if it might rain or ________________________________________________.


You never know, once we get there we __________________________ have a great time.


The suits must _________________________ been made by slave labour to be so cheap.


The universe might _____________________________________ shrinking as we speak.


The car must have _____________________________________ stolen by your own son.


It might _____________________________________ rain. We should take an umbrella.


It could _____________________________________ rain, but the chances are it won’t.


There is _____________________________________ possibility of it being finished this week, because they are on holiday until Monday.


It will ____________________________________________ certainly happen within the next two or three days, but it’s impossible to be 100% sure.


We can’t rule ____________________________________ the possibility of it happening.


____________________ all probability, the best looking one will just end up getting the job.


It’s probably ___________________________ a good idea, but it’s too late to stop it now.


I can say ___________________ complete certainty that he would never do such a thing.


That is without ________________________ doubt the worst meal that I have ever eaten.


There is a strong likelihood ____________________________________________ snow.


I feel rather pessimistic ______________________________________ his job prospects.


It’s possible but I hope ____________________________________________________.


It looks ________________________________________ he’s finished. Let’s start the car.


___________ impression is that most students don’t like the changes in the common room.


I __________ the impression that where I live is an area where people don’t stay for long.


___________________________ first sight, it appears to be a pleasant middle class area.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Use of English Part Two speculating practice

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