Prepositions and body part mimes

Chit Chat 2 Units 2 and 3

Activity 1: Listen to your teacher, describe an action below and do the action without looking at the worksheet.

1. Put your thumb in your mouth

2. Put your tongue between your fingers

3. Put your little finger under your nose

4. Put your index finger under your armpit

5. Put your little finger on your ring finger, your ring finger on your middle finger, and your middle finger on your index finger

6. Put six fingers in your mouth

7. Put your elbow behind your head

8. Put your thighs in front of your chest

9. Put your head between your knees

10. Put your ring fingers under your feet

11. Put a foot behind your head

12. Put your left ankle in front of your right knee

13. Put your left wrist next to your right ear

14. Put your thumbs between your ankles

Activity 2: Listen to your teacher read out on of the numbers below and then quickly say the sentence and do the action, then do the same in groups.

Activity 3: Do the same as Activity 1, but taking turns to be teacher and making up different positions to put your body in.

Activity 4: Can you think of any impossible positions, or positions that you can do and others can’t?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Prepositions and body mimes

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