Put these words into the correct column according to their meaning


puke                                                              vomit                                 be sick

spend a penny                               urinate                defecate

fart                                                                 piss                                   have a piddle

move your bowels                                       let off wind                        shit

blow off                                           poo                                   poop

wee                                                               have a crap                      have a pee

have a Jimmy Riddle                    have a slash                     have a dump

have a tinkle                                                 throw up                            hurl

chunder                                                        do a number one             do a number two

call God down the big white telephone                                 to have the runs

a Technicolor yawn                                     powder your nose           parp

go to the little boys’ room                           bring something back up

flatulence                                                      a pavement pizza            a have wind

to chuck up                                                   go to the loo                     to water the flowers                                    

empty your      what you do when                     gas coming      undigested food          

bladder              you sit on the toilet      from your          coming back

                                                                                    rear end            out from your



PDF version for easy printing: Slang

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