Like and would like games/ worksheets

PDFs and teaching ideas contrasting like and would like to talk about preferences. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic. 

Teaching like and would like article

15 fun like and would like activities – NEW

How to teach like and would like

Like and would like photocopiable classroom activities

Talking about movies with like and would like (with movies vocabulary)

Like and would like bluffing game

Language learning likes, desires and preferences (also good for learner training)

Festivals and celebrations like and would like practice (starting with Xmas and New Year)

Like and would like food roleplay discussion (extended version with useful phrases and grammar presentation)

Like and would like roleplay dialogue on food (older, simpler version without suggested phrases)

Language learning likes and preferences (with self-study discussion and like and would like presentation)

Like and would like Make me say yes speaking game

Like/ Would like and comparatives

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Updated 14 May 2023