HR vocabulary ask and tell speaking game


Work in groups of two to four. One student chooses one of the cards and makes a personal question about that topic and/ or using that word, using one of question stems below if they like. They then flip a coin. If they get heads (= ask), they can ask someone else that question. If they get tails (= tell), they have to answer their own question. Everyone can then ask follow-up questions, but people can (politely) refuse to answer follow-up questions if they like. Play then passes to the next person. Continue going round the group picking cards and asking questions until you run out of cards or your teacher stops the game.

Suggested personal questions

Are there…?

Are you good at…?

Are you happy with…?/ Are you satisfied with…?

Can you give me an example of…?

Do you (ever/ sometimes/ often)…?

Do you have…?

Do you have any plans to…?

Do you like…?

Do you think it’s okay to…?

Do you think you will… (in the near future/ someday)?

Do you want…?

Have you ever…?

How… are you?

How did you feel about…?

How do you feel about…?

How do you…?

How important is… (for you)?

How many…?/ How much…?

How often…?

How was your last…?

How would you describe…?

How would you feel about…?

How would you react if…?

How would you…?

How would… describe your…?

If you…, will/ would….?

Is there anyone in your company who (you think) should…?

Is there anything negative about…?

Were you happy with…?/ Were you satisfied with…?

What is the best way to…?

What is the most… about…?

What is your (least) favourite…?

What/ Who was the best… you have ever…?

What/ Who was the worst… you have ever…?

What would be the perfect… for you?

What would make you…?/ Why might you…?/ Under what circumstances would you…?

What would you change about… (if you could)?

What would you do…?

What would you say to… if…?

When … you last…?

Would you be good at…?

Would you employ someone who…?

Would you…(if…)?

Would you like…?


HR topics/ key words to ask questions about

absent/ skip work




(semi-annual/ end of year/ performance-related) bonuses career change


character/ personality


(pad your/ lie on your/ update your/ type up your) CV/ résumé
(bachelor’s/ master’s/ postgraduate) degree


delegate/ delegation


(sexual/ age/ racial) discrimination


duties/ responsibilities


(female/ direct) boss


(in)efficient/ efficiency


(travel/ entertainment) expenses


(relevant) (work) experience




glass ceiling


good at


bad at
(office) gossip/ rumour(s)


handwriting/ handwritten/ graphology


headhunter/ headhunting


(take part in) industrial action (e.g. strike)


(job/ second/ fail a/ panel) interview


job hunting


job sharing


leadership (skills)/ (a natural) leader


(maternity/ annual/ paid/ paternity) leave


(employment/ health and safety) law/ legislation
lie (in an interview/ on your CV)


(line/ middle/ top) manager


motivate/ motivated/ motivating/ motivation


(unpaid) overtime




(state/ private/ final salary/ company) pension
performance (related pay/ related bonuses)


perks (of a job)


permanent job/ permanent contract


personal development


promotion/ be promoted


(relevant/ vocational/ professional) qualification(s)/ (over) qualified
quit (your job)/ resign


(voluntary) redundancy (package)/ (made) redundant/ be downsized/ laid off
(job/ personal) reference/ recommendation


relationship(s) (with your boss/ colleagues)




retire/ (early) retirement


sabbatical/ year off/ gap year


salary/ wage


(job) satisfaction/ satisfied




set up your own company


sick leave/ sick day(s)


(computer/ language/ leadership/ interpersonal) skills social media (e.g. LinkedIn)


stress/ stressful/ stressed


(income) tax


team(work/ building)


temp/ temporary worker/ temporary job (e.g. summer job)
time management/ organisation(al skills)


(re)training (course)


(long-term) unemployed/ unemployment


(official) warning


(official/ serious/ persistent) complaint


(main) weak point(s)


working hours


workplace (e.g. office)/ workspace


Ask about any vocabulary above which you don’t understand, making questions each time. You don’t need to answer the questions if you don’t want to.


PDF for easy printing and saving: HR vocabulary ask and tell

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