Economics vocabulary sharing personal experiences bluffing game

Choose one of the topics below and tell your partner about your true or made up personal experiences of that thing. After maybe asking for details, they will try to guess if your story is:

– Completely made up

– Completely true

– A mix of made up and true details

If it is the final one above, they can also try to guess which details were true and which were made up.

1. A country which is in the G8

2. A recession

3. Being a customer of a company (or other organisation) that was trying to cut costs

4. Being a customer of a privatised company

5. Buying imports

6. Companies before and after being merged or acquired by another company (= being bought up)

7. Consequence of free trade pacts

8. Consequences of a government policy

9. Consequences of a trade barrier

10. Consequences of deflation

11. Consequences of immigration

12. Cutting personal expenditure

13. Dealing with conglomerates (e.g. emailing or phoning a company)

14. Dealing with multinational companies (e.g. emailing or phoning a company)

15. Debt

16. Deflation

17. Deregulation

18. Electronic payment

19. Inadequate infrastructure

20. Inflation

21. Personal investments

22. Personal taxes

23. Receiving a government subsidy

24. Staff turnover (for example in a shop you often go to)

25. Unemployment

26. Visiting a country with a stronger currency

27. Visiting a country with a weaker currency

28. Welfare benefits

29. Working for a conglomerate (including part-time jobs)

30. Working for a multinational company (including part-time jobs)


PDF for easy saving and printing: Economics sharing experiences game

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