English Teaching Professional articles

Articles of mine published in ETP magazine, republished here for free. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Matching games part two – pelmanism

Matching games part one – TEFL dominoes

Having a ball – EFL ball games – May 2018

Block games – March 2018

Dice games – January 2018

Jigsaw games – November 2017

Coin games

Getting students to use more complex language Part Two

Getting students to use more complex functional language Part One

Taking an interest in Business English/ ESP – how teachers without business experience can learn about the subject without too much pain

Making bookwork fun– how to get rid of that sigh when children finish the warmer and open their textbooks

Bringing pronunciation into Business/ ESP classes

Q and A Games- Lying games

Reacting to student feedback

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Updated 2 April 2023

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