Functional language elicitation text

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12 pg 101

NB. Unless your students have a lot of imagination, you might need to change the things below to be true for you. Read out the sentences once to get them to respond, then read through one more time to elicit the answers, maybe onto the board.

First of all, sorry for missing the last two weeks of classes – That’s okay/ No problem/ Don’t worry about it/ Never mind

That was because I was having my first baby- Congratulations!

Here is a photo- That’s so cute!/ She’s so cute/ Ahhhh

Unfortunately she is still back in Japan with my wife- That’s a shame/ That’s a pity/ Oh, what a pity/ Oh dear/ I feel so sorry for you

(whispered very quietly) But they are coming to Korea soon- Pardon/ I’m sorry I didn’t hear you

But they are coming to Korea soon- That’s good news/ I’m relieved to hear that

Anyway, let’s get started. Please write this down. “Tuesday the 15th of September 2009. Headway Pre-Intermediate functions review…” – Just a minute/ Just a second/ Just a moment

Hope you enjoy the rest of the course- Same to you/ Thank you

Right, what are we going to do next?- I don’t know/ I haven’t a clue

Only joking! So I believe you are studying Unit 12- That’s right


PDF version for easy printing: Functional language elicitation text

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