Writing games, worksheets and e-book for EFL learners

Loads of writing PDFs and teaching ideas. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Writing e-book

Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities (over 300 pages of photocopiable material)

Teaching IELTS Writing: Interactive Classroom Activities (ditto) – NEW LINK

Index pages  for specific kinds of writing

Emails and letters games/ worksheets page

Email error correction worksheets page

Email paragraphing and punctuation worksheets page

Email vocab worksheets page

Formality/ politeness in emailing worksheets page

Emailing functional language worksheets page

Prepositions in emails worksheets page

Emails to academic staff page

Email and telephone worksheets page

Academic Writing worksheets page

Functional language for academic writing page

University applications worksheets page

CV and cover letter worksheets page

Writing minutes worksheets page

BULATS Writing materials

IELTS Writing worksheets page

IELTS Academic Writing Part One page

IELTS Academic Writing Part Two page

FCE Writing page

FCE stories page

FCE emails and letters page

FCE reviews page

Reports worksheets page

Writing stories worksheets page

Punctuation worksheets page

Form filling worksheets page

Writing reviews worksheets page

Spelling page

Other writing worksheets (general and other kinds of writing)

Postcards chain writing (consequences) game

Key words in business writing tense review games (mainly emailing, but also reports etc)

Writing needs analysis

Writing in English discussion questions

Adding adjectives to a pamphlet

Business problems mini roleplay cards (business writing and telephoning)

Email/ SMS/ Letter/ Telephoning comparatives warmer

Types of communication guessing game and version 2

Business Writing tasks on the topic of “Success and failure”

Business Writing tasks on “Communication” (Market Leader Upper, but easy to use with other classes)

Business writing tasks on the topic of “Brands”

Related pages (including particularly relevant grammar for writing)

Teaching writing articles

Past (= narrative tenses)

Tense review/ question formation/ auxiliary verbs

Linking expressions




Current affairs vocabulary page (including crime and headlines vocabulary, for writing news articles)

Updated 20 August 2022

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