Pronunciation games/ worksheets

PDFs, lists of language and teaching ideas for all kinds of pron. If you like anything you find here, please support TEFLtastic by buying a copy of my very reasonable e-book.

Updated 28 November 2019

Articles on teaching English pronunciation

Teaching pronunciation articles (16 articles, most with game ideas)

Lists of useful words for teaching pronunciation

Minimal pairs by sound and level

Minimal pairs for Japanese learners of English (edited version of the list above)

Minimal pairs for Spanish-speaking learners of English (ditto)

Minimal pairs for Korean learners of English

Technical/ Medical regular past pronunciation

See the homophones index page link above for many more

Pronunciation games/ worksheets index pages

English syllables games/ worksheets page

Business English pronunciation games and worksheets

Homophones games/ worksheets page

Photocopiable pronunciation classroom activities

Country and nationality word stress mazes – NEW

Nationality words syllables and stress card games (with pelmanism and snap)

Never – do you think that I can? Present Perfect poem with rhyming past participles practice

Is it grown? Passive voice rhyming past participles poems activities

Word stress maze game

English collocations counting syllables consonant clusters practice

Three-sound consonant clusters word building practice

Difficult sounds Same or different pairwork

Regular Simple Past pronunciation and storytelling

Irregular Simple Past pronunciation and storytelling

Pronunciation peer correction (teacher training worksheet)

Alphabet homophones and minimal pairs – expanded and updated version

Homophones odd one out Elementary

Technical and medical a and u pairwork (just polished up)

Business Past Participles pronunciation

Office vocab compound nouns stress

Business English Silent Letters and Syllables

Business alphabet and acronyms pronunciation

Business B and V pronunciation pairwork

Pronouncing place names

Magic E for business students

Schwa for business students

Business Simple Past pronunciation

Financial English four syllable word stress

3 Responses to Pronunciation games/ worksheets

  1. John says:

    Hi Alex, I’m not familiar with your website as yet, but I’m looking for game ideas (for pre-intermediate learners). Do you have anything or any suggestions? Hope you don’t mind me asking, it’s for this Monday already?

    I’m looking for game ideas at the end of class (a flexi-stage) whereby the learners :
    1) need to figure out long sounds vs short sounds or
    2) have a pronunciation game

  2. alexcase says:

    Minimal pairs game ideas here:
    Please let me know if you have more questions.

  3. John says:

    Thanks Alex, you’re a star 🙂

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