New Cutting Edge Intermediate Consolidation Units Answer Key

Again, they really should be available photocopiable in the books, but not… So, here they are:

Modules 1- 4

A-      Questions and Auxiliaries

a)       Do you speak any other languages?

b)       How long have you been here?

c)       What are you doing at the moment?

d)       Did you have a good holiday?

e)       So where were you born?

f)         How often do you go swimming?

g)       Where are you staying while you’re here?

h)       Have you got any brothers or sisters?


  1. voted
  2. was having
  3. later
  4. has grown
  5. came
  6. stands
  7. has only been
  8. since
  9. leave
  10. was
  11. wait
  12. once missed
  13. was playing
  14. is becoming
  15. still come
  16. have been

  1. died


Question 1- her friends, her hairstyle, her clothes, her home, her personality, a typical Friday night

Question 2- see tapescript page 164



  1. acquaintance
  2. border
  3. colleague
  4. determined
  5. engaged
  6. fail
  7. gambling
  8. hardworking
  9. industrial
  10. jellyfish
  11. keep
  12. local
  13. mother-in-law
  14. niece
  15. old fashioned
  16. prize
  18. recognise
  19. stepmother
  20. twins

  1. Wave


Modules 5-8


  1. to get married
  2. once
  3. won’t give
  4. until
  5. to get married
  6. is to
  7. will start
  8. returns
  9. going to feature
  10. to do
  11. to recognise
  12. to buy
  13. planning
  14. of converting
  15. until
  16. to have
  17. is holding
  18. to invite
  19. arrive
  20. they’ll all have




a)       a firefighter, a cook, a plumber

b)       badly-paid, challenging, stressful

c)       Hello, it’s Lawrence; I’ll call you back; Thanks for calling

d)       annoyed, furious, jealous

e)       a cartoon, a documentary, a soap opera

f)         arrange a night out, go for a run, go to sleep

g)       an answering machine, a dishwasher, a freezer

h)       switch off, plug in, switch on



Can’t do at home without class CD, so no point giving key, but can look at tapescript at back of Student’s Book


See tapescript at back of Student’s Book

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