Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 15

Starting at the top one, take turns explaining your situation to your partner and responding to their suggestions about what you should do.

Situation 1

You’ve applied for three promotions and didn’t get any because your English isn’t good enough, but the company hardly ever pays for English courses.

Your company rarely or never advertises jobs internally, and sometimes long after advertising them externally.

Situation 2

Your project manager only gives negative feedback.

Annual appraisals don’t always happen, perhaps because the managers don’t like doing them.

Some managers have bad communication skills.

Situation 3

You only got one week of training when you first joined the company, and nothing since then.

I can rarely ask my colleagues questions because I am always out visiting customers.

All my projects are very different, so it’s difficult to be an expert in all those different things.

Situation 4

People don’t work together as a team. There’s an Employee of the Month award, but it just makes people more selfish.

All the situations above are actually in one company. Work together to decide how the company’s systems should be changed.


PDF version for easy printing: Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

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