IELTS social studies vocabulary and discussion

social exclusion- social inclusion


aspire/ aspiration

religious worship

sexual equality/ equal rights for women/ women’s lib

intolerance- tolerance

affluent/ affluence

(people with) different backgrounds

(social) vice



(cultural) identity

geographical inequality


cardiac illness

mental health problems/ psychological problems

social mobility- social immobility

aborigines/ indigenous people



ethnic minorities

better yourself


policy makers


political institutions


broken families/ single parent families

nuclear family- extended family


house husband


(legal) guardian

stepmother/ stepfather

adoption/ adoptive parents- birth parents

friction/ conflict

prenuptial (agreement)

one night stands

Do you think that prenuptial agreements are a good idea? Why/ why not?

What are the main causes of friction in families in your country?

What are the potential difficulties of being a stepmother or stepfather?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living with your extended family?

What is the trend in single families in your country?

Do you think that drug rehabilitation works?

What do you think the effects of an increase the divorce rate would be?

Do you believe that there is a lot of social mobility in your country?

What is the main aspiration of people your age, do you think?

How important is the women’s lib movement/ bettering yourself/ religious worship/ aspiration to affluence for people in your country?

How much of a problem is geographical inequality/ cardiac illness/ social exclusion of ethnic minorities/ broken families in your country?

Do you think they should use referendums more often in your country?/ What are the pros and cons of using referendums?

Do you think the number of prenuptial agreements/ single parent families/ one night stands will increase?

Would you say that your country is a meritocracy? Why/ why not?

Do you think that people with different social backgrounds can have a successful marriage? Why/ why not?

Which policies of the country do you think are detrimental to the country?

Do you think there is a danger that policy makers lose touch with reality?

How have the main caregivers for children changed in the last 50 years in your country? How do you think it will change in the future?


pdf version for easy saving and printing: IELTS social studies vocabulary

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