Covid-compliant invitations lesson

GTKY, needs analysis and invitations lead-in

Ask each other questions to find out as much information as you can about these topics:

  • Name
  • Job (duties/ responsibilities/ role, daily routine, business trips, English at work, etc)
  • Free time (hobbies, socialising, days off, holidays/ vacations, travel, etc)
  • Studies (English classes, English self-study, other subjects, etc)
  • Future plans (this week, this weekend, English tests, ambitions, etc)

Ask extra questions to find out (more) about how the things above have changed due to COVID (19)/ coronavirus (restrictions)/ lockdown/ the state of emergency, for example:

  • Are you allowed to…?
  • Did you use to…?
  • Do you have to…?
  • Do you often…/ How often do you… (at the moment/ these days)?
  • Do you still…?
  • Do you think that it’s okay to…?/ Do you think that it’s safe to…?
  • Has your company/ department/ section/ branch/ office changed…?
  • Has… changed?
  • Have you changed…?

As a class, discuss how your social life has changed since January 2020.

How is it possible to have a social life while minimising the risk of spreading the virus?

What do you think about these ideas for socialising during COVID restrictions? Find at least two that you would like and two that you wouldn’t like.

  • Barbecue (taking turns at the barbecue/ having different barbecues next to each other)
  • Camping (in different tents)
  • Cycling together (but staying socially distanced)
  • Doing exercise (e.g. yoga) in a yoga
  • Drinking in a park (e.g. standing or sitting in a big circle)
  • Drinking together over Zoom/ Zoom party
  • Hiking together (but staying socially distanced)
  • Jogging together
  • Meeting in a park (but staying far away from each other, e.g. on different benches)
  • Ordering food to be delivered from the same restaurant and eating it at the same time in your separate homes
  • Play online games (board games, computer games, etc) while chatting
  • Playing golf (while staying socially distanced)
  • Sitting at a terrace table or in a beer garden
  • Talking to someone who is on their balcony while you are in the street
  • Teaching something (e.g. a recipe) over Zoom
  • Watch a movie or TV programme at the same time in your different homes (Netflix Party, Amazon Prime “watch party”, etc)
  • Zoom quiz

Are there any more traditional ways of socialising which are okay in the present situation in your country?

Choose a situation from below and roleplay trying to arrange to socialise together:

  1. total lockdown
  2. a few COVID restrictions
  3. you’ve both been vaccinated, but many other people haven’t
  4. there are no legal restrictions, but you are still worried about coronavirus
  5. the real present situation in your country
  6. free choice
Invitations How about…? Would you like to…? Do you feel like…? Do you fancy…? Are you interested in…? I was wondering if you’d like to…
Responding to invitations That would be perfect. Let’s do that. That sounds great, but maybe we can… (to make it safer/ because of coronavirus). That sounds nice, but perhaps we should… instead (to make it safer/ because of COVID). That sounds nice (as long as we…) I’d love to if… Maybe after…/ Maybe when… I wish I could, but unfortunately…  
Replying to responses Great. See you then. That makes sense. Good idea. In that case, maybe we can… instead. How about making it…? Okay, never mind. Maybe…  

Do the same activity with a dice to choose from one of the six situations.


PDF for easy saving and printing:

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