Clothes and appearance gerunds speaking

Objective Proficiency Unit 9

Work together to write statements that you both/ all agree with using lines from below. You can’t change the words there at all, but you can put any words before and/ or after.

  • accessorising
  • ageing
  • buying second-hand clothes
  • changing your hairstyle
  • coming back into fashion
  • controlling what your children wear
  • copying celebrities’ fashion
  • cutting your own hair
  • de-ageing
  • disapproving of your children’s fashion
  • dressing down
  • dressing up
  • dyeing your hair
  • getting a suntan
  • getting fashion advice
  • getting wrinkles
  • giving fashion advice
  • giving second-hand clothes to charity
  • going grey
  • growing a moustache
  • having a bad taste in fashion
  • having a studio photo taken
  • having a tattoo
  • having bushy eyebrows
  • having plastic surgery
  • having regrets about your appearance
  • having your body hair removed
  • having your tongue pierced
  • inheriting jewellery
  • joining a fashion tribe
  • judging people on their appearance
  • keeping up with fashion
  • losing weight
  • losing your hair/ going bald
  • making your own clothes
  • not shaving
  • outsourcing manufacturing of fashion
  • passing clothes onto your siblings
  • pre-ageing clothes
  • reading about fashion
  • recycling clothes
  • remaining stylish
  • saving money on clothes
  • shaving off all your hair
  • shopping for clothes online
  • showing off the brand names of your clothes
  • tying shoelaces
  • wearing a wig
  • wearing animal products
  • wearing colour contacts
  • wearing fake branded goods
  • wearing heavy make up
  • wearing sustainable fashion
  • weight training

Share your statements with another group/ other groups and see if they agree.

Ask about any lines you can’t make a sentence about, working together as a class to make an example sentence each time.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Clothes and appearance gerunds speaking

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