Recommending music

Landmark Advanced Unit 11

Part A: Your musical weekend

What are your plans this weekend? What will the weather be like? What is the best music for that weather and those activities?

Part B: Recommending music

Choose one of the things below and ask for recommendations

while working/ for studying to

for working out to

for jogging to

for getting hyped up

for chilling out after a club/ before an exam

for cheering you up

for a romantic meal

to look trendy

for someone who’s just been dumped

for learning English

for drowning out noisy neighbours

for annoying your parents, flatmates or neighbours

for a funeral

to fill a dance floor

for karaoke

for a 1980s-themed disco night

for a car ad

to seem sophisticated

for a teenage brother or sister

for a sunny day

for a long drive

for young kids

for the whole family to listen to together

for a grey, rainy day

to get a baby to sleep

for staring into space and daydreaming

for a sports video

for commuting

to have on while you hoover and do other housework

to have sing along to

for someone who’s depressed

for someone who’s very intense

to wind down at the end of a day

to calm down after a row

in a classy restaurant

for a wedding ceremony/ for the first dance at a wedding


PDF version for easy printing: RecommendMusicFor

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