Describing your job extended speaking

Keynote Intermediate Unit 1

Listen to your partner speak about their job for as long as they can without interrupting. When they finish, ask them for more details using questions such as those below, making sure you don’t ask them for information that they have already said in their presentation. If you are playing for points, you get one point for each question but lose one point if you ask about something they already told you.

When the teacher stops the game, ask about any questions which you couldn’t understand or didn’t ask, answering the question each time about your own job.  

Possible questions to ask about someone’s job

Are you responsible for…?

Do you (usually/ often/ sometimes) have to… (in your job)?/ Is… one of your duties?

Do you have a lot of responsibility?/ Is it a high-pressure job?

Do you have a philosophy on…?/ Do you have a policy on…?/ What do you do about…?

Do you like your job?

Do you work with…?

Do you need any special tools/ qualifications/ skills/ training to do your job?

Do you think your job will change in the future?

Does your company do much business in the Kansai region/ in Southeast Asia/ in…?

Don’t you find it boring/ tiring/ stressful/… (to…)?

Have you ever… (in your job)?

Have you had any training in…?

Have you learnt a lot in your job?

Has your job changed much since you started doing it?

How do you feel about…?

How long have you been…ing (…)?

How much time do you spend…?

How often do you…?

(I’m afraid I didn’t understand…/ I’ve never heard of…) Can you explain… (in more detail)?)

Is it a big company/ division/ department/ section/ team?/ How many people…?

Is it rewarding/ satisfying/… (to…)?

Is your job/ role similar to…?

What (exactly) does your company/ division/ department/ section/ team do?

What did you do before…?

What division/ department/ section/ team do you work in?

What do you like about…?

What does it say on your business card?

What does your company/ division/ department/ section/ team do?

What does your job involve?

What exactly do you do (in the lab/ in the morning/ in meetings/…)?

What have you learnt about…?

What is your company (most) famous for?/ Is there anything your company does that I might have heard of?

What kind of business are you in?/ What sector does your company do business in?

What kind of person would your job suit?/ What kind of personality do you need to do your job?

What’s the best/ worst thing about…?

What’s the difference between your job and…?

What’s your (official/ Japanese/ English) job title?

Where is your company based?/ Where are you based?

Who do you report to?/ Who’s your line manager?/ Who’s your direct boss?

Who do you work for?

Who do you… with?

Why did you choose…?

Who is responsible for…?

Would you recommend your job?


PDF for easy saving and printing: describing-your-job-extended-speaking

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