Travel and tourism IELTS questions

IELTS Graduation Unit 6

Student A

IELTS Speaking Part One

Have you been to many foreign countries? What was your favourite? Why?

Which countries would you like to visit? (Why?)

Do you think your hometown is a good place for a holiday? (Why do you say that? What would you recommend that tourists do there?)

What do you usually do with your summer holidays? (Why do you choose to do that?)

When is the next national holiday in your country? (Have you decided what you will do?)

IELTS Speaking Part Two

Talk for one or two minutes about a long journey that you have taken. You should mention:

The starting point and destination

The reason for the journey

The form(s) of transport that you used

and say how that journey compares to other journeys you have taken or heard about 


 Describe the transport system for commuters in your city or country. You should sa

  • What kind of transport is available
  • Which kind of transport is the most popular
  • What the good points and bad points of the transport system is

and say how you think it should be changed in the future.

IELTS Speaking Part Three

What could the local and national government do to improve the public transport in your town, region or country? (Do you think that is likely to happen?)

What can be done to persuade more people to use their cars less and public transport more? (Which of those ideas is most likely to work, do you think?)

Do you think governments are doing enough to cut down on the pollution and CO2 produced by transport? (What else could they do?)

Do you think the national government should do more to encourage people to spend their holidays in their own country? (What could they do to change people’s opinions?)

Travel and tourism IELTS questions- IELTS Graduation Unit 6

Student B

IELTS Speaking Part One

How did you use to spend your summer holidays when you were a child? (In your experience, do children nowadays do the same things or not?)

What is the most important holiday in your country? (What do people do at that time? Is that different from what people did in the past?)

How do you usually travel around your town or region? (Why do you choose that method of transport?)

When is your next long holiday? (What do you think you will do?)

How did you spend your last holiday? (Would you like to do the asme thing again? Why/ Why not?)

IELTS Speaking Part Two 

 Give a one or two minute presentation about a holiday that you took. Things that you should include in your answer:

Where you went

Why you chose that place

What it was like

and who you would recommend that place to and why 


 Talk about a means of transport that you like. Please mention:

What you like about it

How it compares to other ways of travelling

How other people think about it

and say how that way of travelling could be improved 

IELTS Speaking Part Three 

What are the effects of tourism on the environment? (What do you think the solutions might be?)

Is taking holidays abroad becoming more or less popular in your country? (Why do you think that is? Is it a good or a bad thing, in your opinion?)

How can people make sure that they really learn something about a country that they are travelling in?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a year off to travel, in your opinion?


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