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Updated 17 September 2021

How to teach colour vocabulary in ESL classes

Classroom activities for colour vocabulary

How to teach colour word recognition

How to use colouring-in in EFL classes

How to teach opposites

Classroom activities for teaching opposites (with many game ideas)

Picture dictionary games and actitivies– LINK FIXED

How to teach clothes vocabulary to young learners – LINK FIXED

How to teach body parts to kids– LINK FIXED

How to teach transport vocabulary to young learners

Stimulating lessons on toys – LINK FIXED

Family vocab for YLs – LINK FIXED

Teaching and talking about free time with kids

Fun food lessons for kids – LINK FIXED

How to teach shapes to young learners – LINK FIXED

20 fun ways to teach kids body vocabulary – LINK FIXED

Xmas vocab you can mime

Amusement park activities – LINK FIXED

10 fun activities for personality adjectives – LINK FIXED

Fun activities for feelings – LINK FIXED

15 fun ways of practising country and nationality words – LINK FIXED

15 games for the language of describing people – LINK FIXED

Teaching language through animals – LINK FIXED

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