Music games/ worksheets for EFL learners

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New page 13 October 2019

Lists of music vocabulary

In the answer key to these brainstorming worksheets

Photocopiable music classroom activities for EFL learners

Music vocabulary things in common 

Giving opinions on music

Brainstorming music vocabulary

Listen and describe the music

Recommending music

Presentations about music

Describing music

IELTS Speaking Part One on music

IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on music

IELTS Speaking Part Three on music

Other worksheets including the topic of music

Film and song titles correct the determiner mistakes

TV movies music opinions adjectives game

Brainstorming performing arts vocabulary

Explaining Japanese performing arts

Recommending arts and media (with lot of useful language)

Sharing experiences of arts and media

FCE Speaking Part Four on arts and media

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