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TEFL as often private education- often good or often bad?

Or actually, it is perhaps better to ask “often better or often worse”, as we can only choose from the options we have available (as in my usual Dip post obs litany “Yes, you can criticise my lesson, Ms DELTA … Continue reading

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How can we increase TEFL pay?

The question in the last blog post “Does better pay lead to better teaching?” seems more or less agreed on- maybe, but probably less so than other ways of investing that money and anyway we can never prove it well enough … Continue reading

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Why I'm not annoyed by the TEFL dossers

A brief recent clash with Jason Renshaw over whether something is rotten in the state of TEFL (my answer- yes, but no worse than the rest of this crazy world), reminded me of our only other disagreement about what he called … Continue reading

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25 things I have done that have less value than TEFL

Jim’s comments  about the pointlessness of TEFL in previous posts below has got me thinking, and as that’s not something I do very often I thought I should probably try to get a whole blog post of out of it. … Continue reading

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TEFL quotes of the year 2008

In reverse order by when they appeared on the blog (the first two are new): “Now Skinner did reign in the land of psychology, and it came to pass that Chomsky smote Skinner and begat Krashen, and Krashen begat Long, … Continue reading

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6 Ways TEFL Certificate Courses Try to Rip You Off – Part 1

The first of hopefully a new batch of guest author pieces, this one sent to me by “TEFLista” “No doubt, there are a lot of dodgy TEFL certificate courses out there, but have you ever stopped for a minute to ponder the question … Continue reading

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Being a professional without a profession Quote of the Day

“I sweated blood over my master’s degree, and now here I am lumped together with all those youngsters who don’t even know what a preposition is”

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Slogans for crappy English schools Part Three

96. “Sick of our dirty classrooms? Home lessons available for just 50% more!” 97. “And your thought only pizza delivery boys would travel all the way to your house!” 98. “Our 100th international branch right here in your town is … Continue reading

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Do you want the temporary buzz of moving on and/ or up too?

Doesn’t last of course, especially the initial thrill of being in the chaos of a third world city or in the chaos left for you by the last person who had that DoS job, but if having some kind of … Continue reading

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Another 25 quotes from advertising for schools with a quality disability

70. “If you want to chatter away in your own language, what the hell- you’re paying!” 71. “We’ve found the dead rat under classroom 7B” 72. “We will keep your teacher’s passport until you pass the FCE” 73. “You just never know what will … Continue reading

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