Possessive S Xmas vocabulary drawing games


Copy part of a Xmas drawing such as a reindeer’s ears and ask “Whose… is/ are…?” If your partner can’t guess, let them look at some Xmas pictures including the one you copied from.  

Possessive S Xmas vocabulary dice drawing games

Play the same game, but using your imagination (e.g. your own idea of what Santa’s belt looks like) instead of copying from pictures.

Do the same, but rolling a dice first to decide what question to ask and thing to draw.

1 Whose antlers are these?


Whose ears are these?


Whose neck is this?


2 Whose arms are these?


Whose eyes are these?


Whose nose is this?


3 Whose beard is this?


Whose food is this?


Whose present is this?


4 Whose belt is this?


Whose gloves are these?


Whose sack is this?


5 Whose boots are these?


Whose hat is this?


Whose stocking is this?


6 Whose coat is this?


Whose leg is this?


Whose tail is this?


Continue rolling the dice to decide what question to ask and what to draw, but this time your partner can decide which picture you should add those things, e.g. “It’s Rudolph’s hat” if they want you to draw the same hat again on a picture of a reindeer.  

Do the same, but with the person who is answering also rolling a dice, and answering in the way decided by these numbers:

  1. It’s Santa’s.
  2. It’s Rudolph’s./ It’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s./ It’s a reindeer’s.
  3. It’s a snowman’s.
  4. It’s an elf’s.
  5. It’s a baby’s.
  6. It’s mine./ It’s yours.

Play the first drawing and guessing game again, but this time secretly rolling a dice to decide what answer you should try to get from your partner.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Possessive S Xmas vocabulary drawing games

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