Prepositions of movement games, worksheets, stories, videos, flashcards and songs

Prepositions of movement practice activities. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Photocopiable prepositions of movement classroom activities

Prepositions of movement guessing game – NEW

Prepositions of movement storytelling activities – NEW

Prepositions of movement songs

Over the mountains song (only “over” and “through”, but can easily add “around the world”, and then ask students to make up their own alternative choruses – on LearnEnglishKids)

Prepositions of movement flashcards

9 sets of prepositions of movement flashcards (on bogglesworld)

Prepositions of movement stories/ Prepositions of movement picture books

The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony (off, to, through, along, around, across, over, up, into, down, with a chance to guess what each goes with and some nice English stereotypes – highly recommended!)

The Gingerbread Man illustrated by Linda Jeffrey (published by Child’s Play, with a little gingerbread man that is put through holes in the book)

The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle (need to add some adverbs as you are reading, as many possible ones in the pictures but not many in the text)

Busy Buzzy Bee by Karen Wallace (out of, over, past, into, on/ onto, back to, to, out, from – link to read through on YouTube)

Prepositions of movement videos

Prepositions of movement video lesson plan (from, with photocopiable worksheet)

Updated 31 July 2022

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