Add the punctuation (CAE Writing)

Add the punctuation, capital letters and paragraphs to these genuine CAE student texts

Text 1- letter

dear mr baton i am writing to you to express the committees concern about your plans for the sports facilities you asserted a lack of student interest so we conducted a survey which proved the opposite sixty percent of the students use the sports hall more than three times a week and the football ground is also used for training between matches therefore the committee decided to oppose your intention at least in this form students would not be able to practise if the hall were open for the public all day and it is certainly not fair that they should pay the high school fees as well the committee also had not heard that the college had to cut costs however i am sure we can talk about this matter and would be glad if we could arrange a meeting between you and the committee i look forward to hearing from you yours sincerely christopher halle

Text two- essay

the family in france
nowadays in france the average number of children is two per family whereas elderly people used to have five or six brothers and sister or even more when they were young at least in my region brittany where children were useful in farms as they were growing up more and more people divorce and afterwards remain single live with someone or get married again if they have children these generally with their mother but it occurs more and more that they live with their father it is probably due to this trend that there are less and less weddings young people prefer living with a mate without living with him or her or if they marry they do so later than their parents who used to do it around the age of 20


PDF for easy saving and printing: CAEWritingAddPunctuation

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1 Response to Add the punctuation (CAE Writing)

  1. Laura Gorham says:

    Thanks – saves me from reinventing the wheel! It is hard to find material at an adult level that covers the basics.

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