Travel and tourism games/ worksheets

About 52 Travel English PDFs and teaching ideas for travellers and people working in travel and tourism. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching Travel English article with game ideas

How to teach Travel English – LINK UPDATED

Lists of useful travel English

in the answer key to this brainstorming worksheet

Travel and tourism photocopiable classroom activities

Meetings on the topic of travel (in this very cheap e-book)

Choosing holidays for your partner like and can practice (with names of places and kinds of holidays)

Travel and tourism recommendations numbers practice

Small talk while travelling (in this very cheap e-book)

Requests and imperative in travel English

Opinions on travel vocabulary (with travel collocations)

Travel English telephone roleplays dice game

Speaking Part One on transport, travel and tourism

Brainstorming travel vocabulary

Travel English telephone, email and face to face dice game

Good and bad travel English responses (TOEIC-listening-style task teaching typical responses while in an airport etc, including wrong things not to say)

Travel English simplest responses and key word games

Travel vocabulary and roleplays

Travel situations email and telephone roleplays (with travel collocations and functional language)

Meetings on the topic of travel (with travel collocations)

Decide what to take with you (countable/ uncountable and travel vocabulary)

A holiday extended speaking

Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of holiday

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Comparing place and things for tourists (specific to Tokyo but fairly easy to write for other places)

Comparative adjectives to explain your culture (including souvenirs and other things tourists are likely to come across – specific to Japan but adaptable)

Two full IELTS Speaking tests on the topic of travel

Renovating a hotel (with lots of lovely hotel vocab and language for complaints)

Travel English going to countable uncountable mimes

Hotel negotiations pairwork

What are you going to do? study abroad problems

Accommodation rules guessing game (modals)

Air travel compound nouns/ articles dominoes

Going to Travel mimes and useful phrases

Present Continuous travel mimes

Hotel problems pairwork (some and any)

Travel advice country guessing (modals)

Travel English compound nouns blackjack/ Uno

Travel problems Going to Elementary

Different ways of saying travel vocabulary

Travel problems and solutions

Travel problems roleplays and storytelling

FCE Speaking Part Four questions on travel

FCE Speaking Part One on travel

FCE Speaking Part Three on travel

CPE Speaking Part Three on travel and tourism

My Travel English lesson plan and worksheets on Onestopenglish (so need to register)

Air travel English

Travel and tourism flashcards

Travel vocabulary flashcards

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Transport vocabulary page

Country and nationality words page

Updated 19 July 2022

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  1. ph says:

    I live in a region where English for tourism is of great importance. Up to now I have not been able to find a suitable course book to propose for my particular courses. So I am very pleased to have discovered the materials you have made available – FOR FREE! They will be very useful and easy to adapt.
    Thanking you again

  2. cg says:

    thanks so much for this!

  3. Octavia says:

    Thank you!

  4. Marcelo Amaro Silva says:


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