Travel English, Tourism and Study Abroad games/ worksheets

Now updated so all relevant stuff on this page.

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Teaching Travel English

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Lesson plan

My other travel and tourism photocopiable worksheets

Decide what to take with you (countable/ uncountable and travel vocabulary)

A holiday extended speaking

Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of holiday

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Comparing place and things for tourists (specific to Tokyo but fairly easy to write for other places)

Comparative adjectives to explain your culture (including souvenirs and other things tourists are likely to come across – specific to Japan but adaptable)

Two full IELTS Speaking tests on the topic of travel

Renovating a hotel (with lots of lovely hotel vocab and language for complaints)

Travel English going to countable uncountable mimes

Hotel negotiations pairwork

What are you going to do? study abroad problems

Accommodation rules guessing game (modals)

Air travel compound nouns/ articles dominoes

Going to Travel mimes and useful phrases

Present Continuous travel mimes

Hotel problems pairwork (some and any)

Travel advice country guessing (modals)

Travel English compound nouns blackjack/ Uno

Travel problems Going to Elementary

Different ways of saying travel vocabulary

IELTS travel and tourism

Travel problems and solutions

Travel problems roleplays and storytelling


Travel vocabulary flashcards

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