Designing a café first conditional discussion

Imagine that you and your partner own a café. Suggest ways to improve the café such as one of the ideas below, explaining the good consequences of that change. See if your partner agrees. Discuss it as long as you like, then do the same with your partner’s idea. Take turns suggesting ideas in the same way until your teacher stops you.

Ask about any ideas below which you don’t understand, discussing what the good and/ or bad consequences would be each time.

Which things below are bad ideas and why?

Grammar presentation

What is the structure of the first conditional in the agreeing/ disagreeing sentence below? 

“If + ___________ + ________ , ___________+ __________ + __________”

Freer speaking

Describe a perfect café for you, including things that you wouldn’t have or do and see if your partner agrees.

Do the same for a perfect restaurant and/ or bar.

Useful language for sharing your ideas


“In our café, I think we should/ I think it’s a good idea to… (If we…)”


Useful language for agreeing and disagreeing

“It’s a good idea/ bad idea. If we…, customers/ passersby/ staff/ it… will/ will probably/ might/ probably won’t/ won’t…”



Possible changes to make to a café

allow customers to bring their own food

allow staff to choose the music

ask customers to move on after one hour

ask customers to order or move on if their drink is finished

ask customers to share tables when the store is busy

ban English lessons

ban laptop computers

ban smoking

ban studying

charge customers for wifi – offer free wifi

give customers a discount for bringing their own cup or flask

give free samples of the food

grind the coffee in the café

have a jukebox that allows customers to choose the music

have cafés inside shops, banks, post offices, etc

have different music every day

have different specials every day

have more luxurious drinks with cream etc

have more unusual designer décor

have no music

have seasonal music, e.g. Xmas music

have seats outside

have sockets (electrical outlets) at each seat – stop customers using sockets

have table service

have uncomfortable seats – have very comfortable sofas

offer 17 different kinds of tea

offer a free meeting room

offer blankets

offer free extra espresso shots

offer free refills

offer hot meals

sell (uncut) fresh fruit

sell alcohol

sell pots of tea

stay open all night

wake up customers who are sleeping


First conditional main page

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