Korean speakers common vocabulary mistakes in English


Listen to your teacher or read the list below and bet on whether each word or expression doesn’t exist in British or American English (NOT) or does exist, but with a different meaning (DIFF)

1. eye shopping
2. after service
3. American coffee 
4. auto-bike
5. back mirror
6. consent 
7. cash corner
8. Dutch pay
9. interphone
10. McGuyver knife
11. one piece
12. open car
13. self camera
14. White Day
15. gown
16. Y shirt
18. ball pen
19. driver
20. ero (movie)
22. S.F.
23. televi
24. cider
25. cunning
26. handle
27. hip
28. Hotchkiss
29. mansion


Korean speakers common vocabulary mistakes in English Answer Key
1. Eye Shopping- NOT- Window shopping
2. After Service- DIFF/ NOT- There is no English expression like this but it could be the subject and verb in the sentence “after (the) service finishes, there will be no extra help”, but not with the meaning of “after sales service”
3. American-style coffee- NOT- weak coffee is just called “coffee”
4. Auto-bike- NOT- motorbike or bike
5. back mirror- NOT- rear view mirror
6. consent- DOES- but has the completely different meaning “permission”, not power point/ socket
7. cash corner- NOT- ATM/ cash machine
8. Dutch pay- NOT- going Dutch/ splitting the bill
9. interphone- NOT- intercom
10. McGuyver Knife- NOT- Swiss army knife
11. one piece- DIFF- again, not an expression but used with the meaning of “one slice” etc, as in “one piece of cake”. Never used to mean “a dress”
12. open car- DIFF- a car with a door open, not a convertible/ soft top
13. self camera- NOT- a home movie
14. White Day- NOT- this day doesn’t exist in UK or US, as boys give chocolates on Valentine’s
15. Gown- DIFF- a very formal dress, e.g. a ballgown, not a short form of “dressing gown”/ “bathrobe”
16. Y shirt- NOT- formal shirt, business shirt or dress shirt
18. ball pen- NOT- ballpoint pen or biro
19. driver- DIFF- meaning “taxi driver” etc but not a short form of “screwdriver”
20. ero (movie)- NOT- the informal word for erotic is “blue” as in “blue movie”
22. S.F.- NOT- the short form of science fiction is sci fi
23. Televi- NOT- the short form of “television” is “TV”
24. cider- DIFF – cider is always made from apples and (in the UK) is alcoholic
25. cunning- DIFF- has the general meaning of “wily”- clever in a bad way like a fox, not specifically “cheating” (in an exam etc.)
26. Handle- DIFF- used for the part you hold on a door, mug etc, but doesn’t mean “steering wheel”
27. Hip- DIFF- means the side of your body near your hip bone, not your bottom/ buttocks
28. Hotchkiss- NOT- this was a famous brand of stapler
29. Mansion- DIFF- used for a very large house, not for a condo/ condominium

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