Zero conditional games, worksheets and songs

23 pdfs and other teaching ideas for “If + Present Simple, Present Simple”. If you find anything useful here and would like there to be more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 1 June 2022

Article on teaching zero conditional with 18 zero conditional games

How to teach zero conditional – LINK UPDATED

Zero conditional photocopiable classroom activities

Zero conditional personalised sentence completion guessing game

Advice for foreign travellers zero conditional with modals and imperative practice

Advice for parents Zero conditional practice

Zero conditional feelings personalised guessing game (with useful feelings vocabulary)

Modern parenting discussion and zero conditional presentation (for Face to Face Intermediate)

Zero conditional songs

Rain by the Beatles (simple examples, but overall message probably too deep for someone studying this point) – NEW LINK

People are Strange by the Doors (usefully with “when” in both an initial and mid position, but the overall message is difficult to understand) – NEW LINK

Everytime by Britney Spears (only two examples in the chorus, and with “everytime” rather than “when” or “if”, but that does make the meaning of zero conditional very clear) – NEW LINK

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