Beginning and ending negotiations

Without looking at the sheet below, listen to your teacher and decide if each card is language at or near the beginning of a negotiation (“beginning”) or at or near the end of a negotiation (“ending”).

Label each section below with “B” for “beginning” or “E” for “ending”.


Shall we start by introducing ourselves?

First of all, may I introduce myself? My name is George Gatsby, and I am the regional director of sales for Asia and the Middle East.

Welcome to Jansen Electronics.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to our Boston office today.

Let me begin by welcoming you to our new offices.


Well, I guess that about wraps it up.

Do you think we could have that in writing by the end of the week?

Great. I’ll get my secretary to fix the next meeting for as soon as possible.

Can I just go over what we’ve discussed again?

Can I just summarize what we have agreed?


Okay. So, the goods will arrive by Friday as we agreed.

Have I missed anything out?

Were there any final questions before we finish?

I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

I think we’ve covered everything.


Would anyone like a drink before we begin?

Did you have a good journey?

Is it your first time here?

Thank you for coming all this way on such a cold morning.

I’d like to start by setting out the basic facts.


Our main aim today is to find a way to cut costs.

Right, let’s get down to business shall we?

Can we start by hearing your initial offer?

Can I begin by explaining our position?

Can I suggest we start by clarifying the situation?


To sum up, the supplies will be at a 2.5% discount as compared to the last order.

Do we need to discuss anything else?

Did you have anything to add?

Test each other in pairs


Reply to sentences above

Teacher’s instructions

You can photocopy and cut out the cards below for students to raise to indicate which meaning they think each sentence above has as you read them out.

Beginning Ending
Beginning Ending
Beginning Ending
Beginning Ending
Beginning Ending


PDF for easy saving and printing: BeginningEndingNegotiations

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