Comparing and contrasting The same or different

Listen to your teacher and decide if each phrase is the same or different.

Label the lines below with S for the same or D for different. If there are more than two on one line, they are all the same or all different.

by far the biggest/ the biggest by far

the biggest by a substantial margin/ the biggest by a fair way

practically the same/ basically the same

nearly the same/ almost identical

very similar/ the same

very similar/ almost the same/ slightly different

exactly the same/ identical

very different/ totally different

much bigger/ far bigger/ a lot bigger

the biggest by far/ by far the biggest

considerably bigger/ substantially bigger

50% bigger/ one and half times the size

not as big/ smaller

not nearly as big/ much smaller

nearly as big as/ around the same size as

the only difference/ the sole difference

the most obvious difference/ the most apparent difference

a great difference/ a large difference/ a big difference

a significant difference/ a substantial difference

the only significant difference/ the only difference

virtually identical/ very nearly the same

no significant difference/ basically the same

compared with these two locations/ comparing these two locations

in contrast/ on the contrary

in contrast/ on the other hand

on the other hand/ nevertheless

nonetheless/ nevertheless/ even though (all) that is true

However,…/ …, but…

despite…/ in spite of…


Cards for students to hold up


The same






The same






The same






PDF version for easy saving and printing: comparing and contrasting the same or different

Comparing and contrasting main page

The same or different game blog post

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