Picking cards ball game

classroom vocabulary, body vocabulary and prepositions on position 

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one set of cards per class or per group of two to four students. Discard any cards which aren’t suitable for your class and maybe make replacements with the blank cards. Students take turns making phrases to challenge their partner with and get one point if their partner can’t do it but they can. For example, if they make the sentence “Put + the ball + on + your knee” and their partner can’t balance the ball there, the person who made the sentence can get one point if they can. For “Put” sentences, they must balance the ball in that place for at least five seconds. For “Throw” sentences, they must throw while sitting down (in the same place as they are sitting during the rest of the game, e.g. behind their usual desk).

Cards to cut up

Put Throw
the ball
on under in next to
near close to in front of behind
the your
head nose ear
knee shoulder foot
teacher’s desk board window
door calendar board pen


PDF for easy saving and printing: Picking cards ball game

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