IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on food

Objective Advanced IELTS Unit 8 

Describe a dish that you like. You should explain:

–       How it is prepared

–       How it is eaten

–       What you like about it

And say how popular you think this is amongst other people and why.


Describe an ingredient that you often use, including:

–       What it looks like

–       Where you buy it

–       Why you often use it

And give some examples of ways that it is used.


Talk for one or two minutes about a traditional food from your country. You should mention:

–       How well it is known outside your country

–       How it is similar or different to other foods

–       How its popularity and uses have changed

And say what you think the future of this food might be and why.


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part Two food

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