Weekends and the news bluff Extended speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 6

Choose one of the topics below and tell a story about last weekend connected to that topic. When you finish, your partner has to guess whether the story was true or false.

Losing something

Bumping into someone in the street

Seeing something surprising

Problems sleeping

A minor accident or injury

Surprising news

Problems with my neighbours/ landlord/ landlady


Spending far too much

A dangerous situation

Some good or bad service

My part-time job

Being distracted (= Not being able to concentrate)

A relaxing/ stressful/ exciting/ shocking moment

A big mistake

Choose one of the minor or amusing news stories below and make up what you think happened. Does your partner think that is the real story?

Bono’s hat goes first class (Bono is a member of the famous Irish rock group U2)

False alarm at the airport

Firefighter rescues old flame

Home is a dangerous place

Lottery winner takes a day off

Mum is always there

The case of the disappearing bridegroom

Trainers make life worth living

Discuss the other stories together and see how much of the real story you can predict.

Read the true stories on page 62 and 63. Did you get any details of the stories right?


PDF for easy saving and printing: WeekendsAndNewsSpeaking

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