Phrasal verbs and second conditional

New Headway Pre Intermediate U 12

What would you do in the following situations? Would your partner do the same? (Remember to change the grammar when asking your partner a question)

1. Your teacher walks out of the lesson

I would…

2. Your mother throws away your favourite T-shirt

3. Your car runs out of petrol (= gas/ gasoline) in the middle of the countryside

4. The person standing next to you puts out a cigarette on the floor of the lift (= elevator)

5. Your 95 year old grandmother offers to look after your baby

6. You are 17 years old and you don’t get on with your parents

7. Your younger sister is going out with a 65 year old man

What is the grammatical mistake in the question below? Which two words are different tenses and so shouldn’t go together?

“What would you do if your teacher walks out of your lesson?”


PDF for easy saving and printing: Phrasal verbs and second conditional

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  1. Nemrod says:

    Pretty good! Thanks!

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